Commentary: Inconsistent updating is definitely going to be a theme for this webcomic! If I post ten pages every half year, I should be able to reach "Painted Black" at some point, right? Let's hope so! At least in these past ten pages, I managed to introduce two important characters. Sun-Mi, who plays Grace, and Obi, who plays... Theater Clerk? I suppose I'll leave the rest as a surprise for now. And for the next few years I guess, with my current schedule.
I hope this update will be all the distraction you need as you self-isolate during the COVID-19 epidemic. I'll quickly use this forum to say: bowing is a much more awesome greeting than shaking hands. Bow more, and bow deeper. The deeper you bow, the more awesome you are. It is scientifically proven!!

Date: 2020-03-18


Sun-Mi: My character escaped from a lab.
Sun-Mi: My brothers are looking for me.
Sun-Mi: Half-human, half-animal, they hound through the night. Unsure why their sister left them.
Sun-Mi: But in the end, they only truly serve the Master of Fire.
Lakka: Ok I actually really like these ideas, huh.