Age: 17
Playing: Tedd
School: Naperville North
A somewhat shy kid who spends much of her time online.
Likes: Clothes; video games
Dislikes: Being a guy?


Age: 17
Playing: Elliot; Ellen
School: Naperville Central
A childhood friend of Lyanna, the campaigns takes place in Jeff's house.
Likes: Shounen anime; an idealized version of himself
Dislikes: Realism; losing


Playing: They're the DM!
Age: 18
School: Naperville Central
A school friend of Lyanna.
Likes: Tabletop roleplaying; drawing
Dislikes: ?


Playing: Sarah
Age: 20
School: North Central College
Adopted at age 3, Chau is Jeff's older sister and she has always felt very protective of him.
Likes: Art; Theatre
Dislikes: Transformation magic; unfamiliar people