Back in 2009, when I played Maplestory, I got really into the YouTube videos of DeityZiex and dray86. I wanted to do something similar, but had little experience or interest with making full out video and properly learning animation. Instead, I wanted to make a webcomic. I'm not sure if I had ever even heard the word "webcomic" before at that point, and I was probably more inspired by Franco-Belgian comics than Cyanide and Happiness (which I know I had read at that time). I think I independently invented the infinite canvas?

I never released any of this online until now (2019), and none of this ever even got finished. I think I am making my 14-year old self very happy making these available now, at least, even if they are... really bad, frankly.

I apologize that some of it is pretty offensive.

Noobish Life 1

My first webcomic attempt and I remember this concept as the core of the MapleStrip concept. An asshole noob and his 'straightman' friend. The concept is awful, but not as bad as its humor. At least the spelling and grammar is... enjoyable.

Noobish Life 2

Not sure why I began producing part 2 before finishing part 1, but at least we get a good summary of the events we missed in the previous episode. This one is slightly less offensive, but equally unfunny. Don't ask me if the plot was ever supposed to get interesting.

Age off an Empire 3

By far the best thing on this page, I have no idea what happened to "Age off[sic] an Empire" part 1 and 2. I have absolutely no idea where this story was going. Using Bannedstory allowed me to make some pretty stuff, though :p

Noobish Life: Perrion

Definitely the best Noobish Life episode. But only because it's short. Wow, in these quick descriptions, I manage to be more dismissive and negative about myself than I was ten years ago. That's impressive.

A Change of Destiny

This could have been cool? No idea where this was going.


This story is pretty bad, but I like some of the effects I used. As you may have noticed, I've painstakingly removed my legal name from all of these pages. Sorry about that.


I didn't make this sprite. I just recolored one of these into a variety of shades. I list this here because I consider this my first ever proper pixel art/recolor. Recoloring pixel art is pretty fun.

By the way, there is also my old Phineas and Ferb fanfiction. It is... certainly less visually interesting than these webcomic concepts, but I'll just link it here anyway for prosperity sake.