I love music a great deal, and I want to highlight a few random songs that I love more than anything.

"Pull the Curtain", by Sum 41. It is from my favorite album, the 2007 pop-punk CD Underclass Hero

"Doctor", by George Buzinkai. I actually did a whole video on this musician

"For No One", by the Beatles. Picking a single Beatles song is both arbitrary and highly personal

"Fix Me Now", by Garbage. I've cried many times listening to this 1995 grunge album

The Jewel Chase theme of Microsoft Puzzle Collection for Gameboy Color. Uncredited?

"Duvet", by Boa. Best known as the opening for 1998 anime series Serial Experiments Lain

"The World Revolving", by Toby Fox. An excellent bossfight theme in his videogame Deltarune

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